Western Harmonics LLC

Western Harmonics designs, builds, assembles solar powered machinery and equipment, and also offers complete kits as part of a variety of solar powered solutions from around the world. We are innovative manufacturers offering a variety of solar-powered evaporative coolers (swamp coolers), integrated solar ventilation and thermoelectric generators. At this time we are updating our website to offer a wider variety of products. This year we are introducing solar powered kits made with parts sourced from around the world. Our new kits range from featuring a 6 inch solar powered fan USB system, to a 9 inch solar powered fan 10 watt system, to a 36 inch solar powered air mover fan with power system. Our evaporative cooler products line is changing as well. With the introduction of our 3000 cfm system and our 1000 cfm system, we have expanded our product line well beyond the original MiniCooler and PetCooler. Stay tuned for new offerings and solar powered products!